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Service and warranty

Meanwhile, better known as Timber & eacute; & eacute; one of the most reliable flooring manufacturers in the Netherlands and Belgium. With an extensive range of flooring and a delivery time of up to 10 days can better deliver your wood floor "Just in time".

Grade: Better quality of wood is guaranteed by stringent procurement and production controls. In cooperation with our suppliers, raw materials are chosen carefully. By established production lines will floorboards who ordered (after) or must be replaced after years without problems fit together.

Warranty: You can always fall back on here with a guarantee of up to 10 years if there are any hidden defects in the floor. On wear values ​​can be guaranteed up to one year, provided the leg and maintenance instructions are complied with.

Service: and if there is something wrong with your floor? Give us! Our technical department is ready to repair imperfections in your flooring or even replaced. After our visit of our technical service you will not know where the repair is made on your floor! If the defect is to be the work of course free of charge during the warranty.

What if damage is covered by the warranty? Even then our technical service for you. . The cost of this service include Time is & euro; 65, - plus VAT per hour.

Top layers are simply ordering through our site. Please indicate when ordering in the box "notes" that these are top layers, and the length of each top layer on color choice, you need to buy double the number of toppings.